Are you ready to take control of your finances
and stop feeling “broke” for a change?


Growing up, we are taught about the Pythagorean Theorem,
but not about how to file taxes or use a credit card.

As a culture, we spend time comparing prices on gasoline and groceries on the shelf, but don’t do the same for loans or banking.

We use money every single day, yet we know nothing about how it works.

Frankly, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to know more about each other’s personal drama than we know about each other’s personal finances. Plain and simple.

If you feel confused about certain parts of money, you’re not alone…trust me.

Cash isn’t taboo.

The only thing taboo is the way we that talk about it.

Here’s my five step program to begin your war against cash success story…

1. Build a budget.

For starters, a budget doesn’t tell you what you can’t do, but rather it tells you what you CAN do with your money. Whether it’s a rigid excel spreadsheet, or a casual piece of paper…you need to know how your money comes and goes. Start HERE with our easy tips on building a budget, and check out the FREE Man Vs Cash Monthly Budget!

2. Face your debt head on.

How much do you owe? Figure out how many debts you have. Write down the balances, interest rates, and minimum payments. Prioritize what you want to pay off, and use THIS method to knock it out once and for all.

3. Get familiar with your credit report.

Stop obsessing over your credit score and start focusing over your credit report. There are three major credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. Visit to get a free copy of all three reports, and familiarize yourself with everything that is on it. Check them carefully for errors, and if you find any, inform the credit bureau to correct it.

4. Make your financial institution do the work.

I have worked front lines and back office in this industry for years. Do yourself a favor and pay them a visit. Make sure that you’re not paying a penny more than you need to for banking services, and setup some accounts  to make managing your cash easier. Utilize any free services to make your money work harder such as online bill pay, mobile check deposits, and direct deposit for your paycheck. Check out THIS article for some tips that I use every single day.

5. Devise and Conquer.

You have spelled out how money comes and goes in your life. You have acknowledged what you owe and what you want to pay off. You have checked out your credit report and make sure things are legit, and you have re-designed your financial institution to work harder for you. Now, put these four pieces into motion today. The sooner you start, the sooner you succeed.

Big changes don’t happen overnight. Your credit score will only change once a month. Your debts won’t be paid off next week, and you WON’T master handling your budget for a few weeks. Be patient, enjoy the small victories, and stay focused.

If you give up, you lose. Go for the win, instead.