Guess who just paid off their student loans!?

A baby’s laugh.

A summer sunset over the ocean.

Our world is filled with so many beautiful sights, and tonight I was graced with one…



Time to keep this momentum going and stay on course to having my home paid off in 6 years and 9 months!

  • Student Loans: February 2017
  • Furniture Loan: April 2017
  • Credit Card: August 2017
  • Acura Loan: December 2017
  • Honda Loan: August 2018
  • Mortgage: December 2023

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Want to do the same thing i'm doing to pay things off quickly? THIS link is for you.

It’s all up to me.

By creating a plan, I have already paved my pathway to being debt free. By paying off my student loans a full year earlier than I would have if I only made minimum payments… I have saved a ton of money in interest, cut my monthly payments by $60+, and have taken my first step towards being free.

It’s time to make this happen.