Do you want to make your money work harder for you but don’t know where to begin?

Have you tried a budget but struggled to make sense of it?

This post is for you.

Let’s cut the fluff and get right down to it…

Here’s three flowcharts which spells out exactly what you should be doing to make your money work harder for you.

Personal Income Spending Flowchart

Answers the following…

  • Where do I start?
  • What do I do next?
  • How should I prioritize things?

Why I like this: Like is a light word… I worship this. Whether you’re trying to figure out your finances, or nearing financial security, this chart maps out the moves we need to take. It’s immaculate, and it’s a chart that I have followed for years myself.

Note: It might be a bit difficult to read because the image is so large, so if you’re having trouble seeing it, click HERE to see the large version.


If you are having trouble reading this, click HERE to see the large version.

Money Flow.

Answers the following…

  • How do I make sure my bills get paid?
  • How can I budget how much I am spending?
  • How can I see how much money i’ve got?

Why I like this: It shows you how your money should be coming and going, and it takes all the thinking out of what to do. This chart is exactly what I have been doing for 6 years, and I wouldn’t let my money work any other way.

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Retirement Wrapper.

Answers the following…

  • How much should I ultimately save?
  • How do I figure out what I need to save first?
  • What happens next?

Why I like this: It’s short and sweet, but it illustrates what order you need to be doing things to make the biggest financial impact. Following this guideline is a sure way to let you live comfortably, debt free, and financially secure.


With these roadmaps, you can easily plan out the next few years of your life and never leave yourself asking “what’s next?

Where are you currently in these maps? Where do you want to be?