Working towards a large goal can be exhausting.

Check out my favorite way to focus on the big picture!

When I was still in school, subjects like mathematics and language arts were difficult for me because those areas are very “rule based” and have finite equations. To the contrary, I thrived in economics and sociology as they are more “cause and effect” based.

Naturally, that’s why I sold real estate and cars in my adult life. One person has a situation or problem, and you have to find different solutions or options to solve their need. Unlike math with a solid equation, the vagueness and endless opportunities are crystal clear to me.

And sure, you can argue that money is the same (it’s math, after all), but it’s not. Numbers are numbers, and money is money. That’s why I’m a personal financial education, and not an accountant. No two people have the same money challenge, and one solution will not always work for many different people.

I’m on the constant chase to find things that work for each person, and these charts are one of my favorite tools that accomplish the task.

Debt Free Charts: How it works

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You want to print out a chart that fits your goals and place it somewhere that you’ll always see it: Refrigerator, bedroom mirror, desk at work, etc.

This credit card chart is my own visual tracking of my payoff progress as of May 2017, and I keep it in my kitchen. The more I see my chart, the harder I want to work to color in each line.

I’ve got a chart for the credit card, both cars, our house, and a master “debt free” chart.

Anytime we make any headway, we’re charting it and keeping the progress visible in our home for everybody to see.

Working towards a goal can feel hopeless sometimes, and these are fun ways to keep perspective on the progress you’ve already made, too.

Life happens. Chart it.

The creator has a chart for literally any financial goal you have. Whether it’s savings, debt, fun, or sacrifice.

Here’s a couple of my favorite charts:

Here’s all 30+ charts, courtesy of: debtfreecharts