Blockbuster and Netflix.
Any stockholder and Apple.
That one guy and Bitcoin.

Like… what’s the actual point, here? There’s a LOT of sensationalism in investing and personal finance because it’s sexy to win and shameful to lose…but have you asked yourself if all this noise is purposeful?

Blockbuster would have taken a huge gamble to buy Netflix because the Netflix they were offered is NOT the Netflix of today, nor was it even close. They weren’t offered the company for free, either. They were asked to bet millions of dollars on them.

For decades, Apple floundered and nearly went bankrupt. Remember how much of the world Microsoft ran? Wasn’t their market share like 94%? Wasn’t it so large that Apple has STILL not taken a substantial computer market share and only got rich because they pivoted devices? You were betting your money on a flailing computer company, not a glistening tech company. Not knowing what we know now, would you ever think a loser would win?

For a long time, nobody even knew what bitcoin was. It only became mainstream after the height of the bubble happened. Would you have bet a paycheck on a virtual currency that was largely obscure?

There’s literally NOTHING wrong with taking calculated decisions with your cash. I don’t know about you, but I have a limited amount of it. Do I want to make excellent bets that yield me massive gains? No shit. But am I willing to bet huge sums of money and potentially lose every dollar? Nope.

That’s because my risk tolerance isn’t that high, and a lot of the time… investing is having cash at the right moment, at the right time, and getting lucky. You can’t always predict what the future will look like, so don’t let these posts talking solely in hindsight make you make risky decisions with tomorrow’s money.

You do you, boo boo. As long as you’re moving forward, you’re still progressing.