When I look back at my Facebook memories, I notice all the various declarations/attempts to become debt free that I posted starting in 2011 before I actually DID it in 2016. Hindsight is 20/20, and the reason I didn’t succeed for so long was that I had no plan.

“It’s difficult to aim for a target you clearly can’t see.”

In 2016, I had two epiphanies that I needed to change my finances (or else). The first one was feeing guilty, yet slightly relieved that our elder dog passed away and we no longer had to spend $140+ a month on his medicine because we were barely affording it. The second wake up call was when I got into a fender bender and didn’t have the $500 insurance deductible in my account.

We had a cute house in the suburbs and tow nice cars, but didn’t have $300 to our name.

Enough was enough. I startling researching budgets and financial plans, and finally found the answer I always needed: a step by step breakdown.

After that, my 4 year debt freedom journey began. I paid off $60,000 of debt on our $60,000 salary, sold a car, our credit scores skyrocketed, and I finally found financial freedom that I never had before.

Getting control of our finances was game changer in our life and a distinct “BC/AD” moment in time. Anyone who was around to see it, can’t deny it.

If you’re tired of feeling broke, but don’t know what to do… you’ve GOT to simply start, and this photo is a great place to begin.