Just a friendly reminder to check your 401(k) as we are now halfway through 2020.

-If your employer matches your contributions up to a certain percentage, make sure you’re taking their money. Wages are already low enough…don’t leave their free money on your table.

-Expecting a raise? Increase your contributions. If your raises are percentage based (example, 3%)… take at least half of that and add it to your 401k.

-Thinking about switching jobs? Make sure that your investments are fully vested. Your employer may have a vesting schedule that requires you to stay there for X amount of time before you keep 100% of their contributions.

-Double check that your investments fit your goals. Planning to retire soon? Get your money out of the stock market and into lower risk bonds.Not retiring anytime soon? Aim for growth and be aggressive.

-Is your income greatly outpacing your expenses? You can contribute up to $19,500 towards your retirement per year. Aim for it.